Calculator history

Since 2014, our CEO Daniel Khanin became involved with startups and venture capital funds, and his job was to analyse the financial models of startups. After looking at more than 2500 startups, he saw that most entrepreneurs had difficulty describing their financial model. To make life easier for startups, he started creating many templates in spreadsheets, but he failed to create a universal form.

In 2017, Daniel Khanin launched a simple form on his blog to calculate contribution margin. You could simply enter your metric values and get a single value calculation. After a couple of months, it turned out that the simple form had already been used more than 2000 times. In fact, this led to the creation of a separate service for calculating and modelling the unit economics and constructing a forecast P&L.

In 2020, a new module was developed to turn the unit economics into a P&L plan. Since that moment, the calculator becomes a powerful tool for modelling unit economics and building a financial model in startups and small businesses. In doing so, users will be able to create complex monetisation models with an arbitrary cost structure.


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