More accessible than with a mentor, handier than spreadsheets.
  • Base and mixed monetisation models

    The calculator uses all the maths needed to enable you to model and work with both base and mixed business models.

    You don't have to worry about the maths, just concentrate on inputting the metrics and the calculator will do the rest for you.

  • Unit economics for a custom business model

    Every business is unique, so when describing your particular model, you can set up customised sales funnel steps that apply specifically to your unique business.

    In addition to the sales funnel, you can set up an optional variable cost structure, variable costs on the first sale, and the structure of your shopping cart.

    The calculator makes it easy to describe your model, no more formulas, and especially no more programming, focus on your business goals.

  • Taking into account the limit values of the metrics as well as the competencies of the team

    The calculator will help you find the optimum configuration for your models, taking into account the structure of your sales funnel and your costs.

    All you need to do is specify the limits of each metric and how difficult it is for you to make any changes.

    When you search for your model, the calculator will take your wishes into account and find the metric configuration you need to reach your goal contribution margin.

    You can also get a step by step report to assess exactly how and in what sequence to best change your metrics, the optimization is done taking into account Goldratt's theory of constraints.

    Need to create a forecast P&L to achieve your chosen configuration? One click and you have a finished document, all that remains is to enter fixed costs and slightly adjust your investment parameters.

  • Work with different documents at the same time

    Making a lot of calculations? Working with several models at once? The calculator allows you to open any number of calculations at once and you can easily copy data from one calculation to another, as long as the calculations are of the same type.

    Found the model you need and need to build forecast P&L to reach the specified metrics level? Simply check when modelling that you need a P&L and it will open in a new tab, ready to go.

  • Rapid model analysis

    Analysis of your model according to 20 parameters. Highlight the key characteristics of your model to quickly see if any improvements are needed.

    CLTV/CAS ratio, Margin on first sale, CPA of scaling units and more.

    Green background at the metric - everything is good, you can scale the model by increasing the number of scaling units.

    Red background at the metric - pay attention to the metric, something is going wrong, you are going bankrupt, you cannot scale such a model.

  • Handy little things to make your work easier

    On top of everything else, lots of little details for easy workflow.

    Leave comments for yourself for any calculation cell, discuss your model with colleagues directly in the calculator chat. Export your calculations or P&L to CSV→Excel or Google Sheets. Share your calculations simply by sending a link.